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Choosing the right learning center is an important first step when you want to reinforce your understanding of a specific subject. At Carowinds Eye Level Learning Center, our instructors are here to improve your overall comprehension, and we welcome students of every age and expertise. We'll do what it takes to accommodate your needs, and our staff are ready to consult with you about your goals.

We're proud of the reputation we are developing in South Charlotte, and our instructors are committed to helping you succeed. Our attention to detail sets us apart, and we'll make sure you're comfortable with a specific subject before moving forward. Let us show you how rewarding our self-directed learning program can be. We can assist with Math and English, and our instructors are dedicated to client satisfaction.

Eye Level Learning Center is the learning center you can trust. We'll quickly respond to your requests, and our knowledgeable instructors will be by your side each step of the way. Don't wait another day to become more confident about your Math and English skills. To hear more about our learning program and schedule your initial consultation, call today!




My granddaughter was struggling with math. I heard about you and so my daughter, grand-daughter and I drove to your site in Charlotte, N.C. A woman and her daughter were just leaving and she commented: "They're expensive, but worth every penny." That has proved true for my granddaughter. From consistent D's and F's, she is now getting B's in math. She's more confident and we are happy!
--L Damon

I want you to know how pleased we have been with the teachers that have assisted Shay. I have been especially impressed by Henry for the last several months he has been working with Shay. He has quite a lot of potential as a teacher and I hope he is considering that as a career. Kudos Henry!
--Jennifer Miranda

Encouraging atmosphere. Material is very good. My daughter enjoys learning and looks forward to attending classes every week. The classes offer opportunities for one-on-one learning that has really helped my child
--Suneela Saladi

My 5 year daughter joined Eye Level 4 months before. We've seen a considerable difference in her, She has started developing interest in reading & comprehension. Eye Level Teachers are very personable & caring and I'm seeing here the teachers can implement the curriculum in a meaningful manner. We look forward to enroll her for Math as well and hope to see a difference.
--Rupali Auti

I just wanted to express my gratitude towards Ms. Poulomi at Eye Level Carowinds. My 5-year old son has been going to her class for a little over a year for math and English classes and I can see the visible difference in his reading comprehension and logical aptitude. Ms. Poulomi does a wonderful job in teaching the material in her 1:1 class and ensures that student truly grasps the concepts. Another shout out goes to the Eye Level courses which encourage the child to think creatively while having fun at learning the foundational concepts. Eye Level courses are affordable when compared to other similar institutions such as Mathnasium and Kumon. It also differs in its teaching methodology (1 on 1 tutoring) from other institutions which provide group tutoring.
--Pranay Srivastava

Before putting my son in Eye Level we were debating on whether to go with Kumon or Eye Level, but found Kumon to be very dull and repetitive. He has been attending math and English tutoring at Eye Level for more than 1 year and I have seen great improvement in his academics. Mrs. Poulomi gives personal attention to kids and is more like one to one tutoring. She is very flexible and very good at her job. Her tutoring is in harmony with my kid and is customized to the child’s needs. We highly recommend this institute for anyone who wants their children to excel with confidence.! - Proud Parents of Adi Sunkari..
--Praveen Sunkari

My daughter loves to go to this newly opened Eye Level at River Gate. The curriculum of basic and critical math program is a great enrichment to school and the content is quite brain-stimulating. The atmosphere is clean, friendly, inviting and supportive. She works both independently and one on one with an instructor. The best part is children learn best in a self-paced environment where they master a particular scale before moving on to the next. This program and its amazing teachers provides the perfect environment for children to learn to love learning. Thanks Yomesh and Alok for creating such a nice environment to encourage students. Also, thanks to both of you for your input and open interactive discussion on regular interval about the progress of the child. I am highly recommending this program for kids those who needs to be more challenged or who may be lagging behind and need little extra help.


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