2018 Oratacular Public Speaking Competition is Scheduled on March 15th @ 6:00pm ET

2018 Oratacular Public Speaking Competition at Eye Level of Carowinds (Rivergate Shopping Mall)

Join us at Eye Level Learning Center of Carowinds for our Second Annual Oratacular!! This contest will promote public speaking abilities and guide students to understand the difference between constructing essays and speeches. This event is open to all students in 1st through 6th grade, you do not need to be an Eye Level Member to participate. This event is free to enter!
Registered Participants will receive:
1. The 2018 Speech Topic
2. An Outline Template for constructing speeches along with a Rehearsal Guideline
3. 1-2 In class workshops and feedback on drafts.
4. Each participating student will receive a participation prize!

REGISTRATION: Jan 8 – Feb 23 (online only)
Event Date: March 15th @ 6:00pm ET
This year we have something extra special planned! One student will be selected by our judges, and that student's speech will be video taped and submitted to the Eye Level Headquarters for a chance to win a 1st Place ( $150) 2nd Place ( $100) or 3rd Place ($50) Prize!